Our Partners

The company has an official authorizations and distributor from international manufacturing companies:

1. Hamilton Medical (Switzerland):

IntelligentVentilation since 1983
Revolutionizing Critical Care Ventilation
A vision drives Hamilton Medical: we provide better ventilation care to critically ill patients and unburden the people who care for them.

Hamilton C1_Mentha_14_08_2017
Hamilton C2_Mentha_14_08_2017


2. Samtronic Infusion System (Brazil):

Samtronic was started due to a partnership between a doctor, who was searching for a better Infusion device, a retired electrical engineer always interested in developing new projects and a metallurgic company, specialized in high precision products.

3. LED (Italy):

High frequency electro-surgery equipment
A complete range of electro-surgery products developed by LED SpA guarantees a wide availability of high frequency electro-surgery equipment certified and tested in order to offer the best standard and efficiency for the operator and the total certainty of the results.
The designed equipments currently in production comprehend:
High frequency electro-surgical equipment including models able to supply an output power of 50W to 400W for applications using monopolar or bipolar methods, simultaneous or alternative supplier duct, and emission of continuous or cycle timer power.
Medical electro-physiotherapy equipment including current generators’ of low and medium frequency, ultrasounds, pulsed magnetic fields, laser light, etc.


4. Schiller AG (Switzerland):

Swiss-designed innovative medical technology
SCHILLER was founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller. Starting in a four-room flat as a one-man business, the company has become a successful group with around 1000 employees, 30 subsidiaries and a global sales network. Today, SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry.

5. Hexagon Nutrition

Since 1991, Hexagon Nutrition has been dedicated to offering innovative solutions tackling the major issue of malnutrition prevalent across the globe. We are at heart a research-oriented organization with a strong mix of capabilities and a large portfolio of tested products. We provide reliable and unmatched service to both domestic and international markets and continue to work to find new solutions to the growing demand for holistic nutrition. We manufacture and market scientifically formulated brands across a 360 degree spectrum of illness, wellness, and lifestyle disease management.



Exceptional imaging systems and lifecycle value are what imaging professionals have come to expect from Hitachi. The SCENARIA CT Is no different. We will always subscribe to a commitment of success in achieving your goals while offering the highest standard of patient care.